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Who We Are

Our mission is to provide a community based, action oriented civics and movement education to marginalized and underrepresented youth. We seek to provide an equitable, inclusive, and action based civics experience to middle and high school students that will spur them toward future political action.

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What We Do

Civic Training and Leadership Development

Between the Vote seeks out opportunities to establish partnerships with Southern-based youth organizations and schools to provide civic and movement training and encourage leadership development. We work closely with students in existing organizations and schools and provide them with strategies, advice, mentorship, resources and access to its network to achieve their campaign objectives.

Civic and Movement Education

Between the Vote provides an equitable and inclusive civics and movement education to middle and high school students through in-person classes, virtual online classes, student-led and teacher-led discussion groups, teach-ins, lectures and slide presentations.  Our curriculum covers topics including, but not limited to the U.S. Constitution, the branches of government, and the history of democracy and citizen rights.

Community-Based Action and Power Building

Between the Vote seeks out and curates opportunities for youth involvement in community actions, public demonstrations and other civic activities.  Our staff takes the lead in identifying youth interested in participating in public civic actions and helping to organize the public action.